A downloadable game for macOS

It's a fun puzzle solving game with multiplayer features added by the built in support of unreal engine multiplayer.

I have added a menu system for ease.

As you can see in my speed run i can finish the game without a partner. But I suggest you  not try what I have done(Try playing with partner if you are bold enough try like I have done in my speed run. If you ask why i am saying this is because I know all the tricks of this game as I made it.

Here is a quick video that shows how to join and host a game : 

Install instructions


You should not have any difficulties on mac  but if there is try using another unzipping program like The  Unarchiver .


Windows is yet to be uploaded


Linux is yet to be uploaded


PuzzlePlatform_V2.zip 92 MB


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Thanks. Hope you have a fun time playing with this :) .